Top Geek Books Not Sold as eBooks

Was scouting around for some new reads when I noticed something odd. Books about some of the greatest names in computing are not available as eBooks (well legal eBooks) . It just seems appropriate that reading Steve Wozniak’s autobiography or The Google Story be done on screen. I know many folk do not like eBooks and I’m not saying these books don’t belong in printed form but, considering these are about the pioneers of technology. an electronic version should be available


WebGL Up and Running by Tony Parisi

ImageThis book provides good techniques for building pages that include 3D content by using WebGL  It’s not an in-depth study of  WebGL but a good guide to getting started. Using the examples provided, you learn to achieve compelling results quickly.

A brief introduction to 3D graphics and WebGL is followed by a survey of the features available from WebGL. The book focuses on using Three.js to create pages with 3D content. This is a great way to easily leverage WebGL but it does start to feel more like a manual for Three.js than a book about WebGL.

All the common topics encountered when providing 3D content on web page are presented. I liked the gradual process of presenting each topic;  getting things working and then elaborating and adding extras. I found all the topics extremely relevant to real projects. In particular coverage of interaction between normal web-page content and 3D content is well covered and useful.

Screenshot of Cross-origin blockingThe quality of the example code is good, all source is made available from GIT Hub. It’s not mentioned in the book but Google Chrome users will find some example code may not work when run from the file-system (“Cross-origin image load denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy” restriction in Chrome). In the latter case, create a virtual folder (in IIS, Apache Tomcat or the like), paste the pages and access them from there.

Example 2-2 blocked by Chrome’s “Cross-origin” policy

You will certainly be up-and-running but might still feel  the need to find out more about WebGL in particular.

Rating: 4 / 5

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